• anxiety or depression

  • cramping, bloating

  • diarrhea and loose stools

  • constipation or straining

  • reflux and flatulence

  • low energy, foggy brain and fatigue relieved by eating

  • skin conditions 

  • stubborn belly fat despite extensive dieting

  • female hormone imbalances 

  • an auto-immune condition 

  • carbohydrate cravings

  • low or high blood sugar

  • inability to miss a meal

Experiencing these challenges can be painful and embarrassing. It can feel isolating and lonely.

It's a heavy burden to carry.

An unnecessary burden!

You can heal your gut, your body and your life.
You can be free & GLOW!

Imagine what your life will be like once you are free of digestive issues?


How would you feel to plan your days without a second thought

about toilets or anxiety about eating?


What would you do differently?

Today, next weekend, this summer?


How would more carefree and confident look for you?


I invite you to close your eyes and really feel into that for 1 minute...

I promise you it's possible.

Balancing Rocks


1. Set Intention/Anchor Commitment,

Principles of Optimal Digestion,

Agni: your digestive fire,

Doshas: your body constitution,

Meal Planning for phase 1 & 2

2. Daily self-care practices,

Meal Planning for phase 3,

Shopping Lists

3. Self-reflection,

Kitchari Reset,

Five Senses Therapy

4. Sustainable Breath Work,

Sustainable Meditation,

Sustainable Yoga


Feel energized

after eating and

throughout the day

Enjoy better moods


improved relationships

Healthy Lunch

Focus & perform better


Feel confident that you know exactly how & what to eat, for you

Eliminate embarrassing 

sounds and odors from your gut

Experience a sense of

calm and clarity

Look forward to eating instead of dreading it

More Details...

* When you enroll I'll reach out and help you start getting ready for your journey to digestive healing! 

* Throughout your 20-day reset (and beyond) you'll receive support via course documents, videos, emails, a private facebook forum, and seasonal zoom gatherings. 

* Course content will include specific teachings on healing foods and self-care practices such as meditation, self-massage, sense organ care, and sustainable, nourishing movement.

* June 7-26 Michel will lead the community in a live, virtual experience of GLOW - including 4 zoom gatherings to assist you in an even more impactful & enjoyable reset.