The FREE YOUR MIND experience helps you become aware of the subconscious narratives that are negatively shaping your behavior, health, relationships, career, etc. AND dissolve them so that you can live more fully into your beautiful, limitless potential! 

Each week, we explore how mental constructs dictate our thoughts, feelings, and actions and then we put insights into practice immediately and continuously! 

The weekly Zoom gatherings, mental practices you'll implement between gatherings, and 1-1 coaching opportunities with Michel are designed so that you experience real-life breakthroughs throughout the 10-week course and beyond! 

You won't be left to vicariously apply the wisdom & tools that move us from anxiety, frustration, pain, worry, and fear to genuine liberation. YOU WILL BE GUIDED TO INSPIRING REVELATIONS,  OVERCOMING PROBLEMS, AND DISCOVERING PEACE OF MIND from the very first gathering!



* 10 Community Gatherings via Zoom

(Tuesdays June 28-Aug 30 at 6pm EST)


* 3, 1-1 Coaching Sessions with Michel 

(30 min phone conversations, spaced a few weeks apart) 


* Private Facebook Forum 

(Access course materials, share WINS, ask questions, and be inspired by fellow community members) 


* Discounted participation in future seasons of Free Your Mind! 

Free Your Mind