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The FREE YOUR MIND experience helps you become aware of the subconscious narratives that are negatively shaping your behavior, health, relationships, career, etc. AND dissolve them so that you can live more fully into your beautiful, limitless potential! 

Each week, we explore how mental constructs dictate our thoughts, feelings, and actions and then we put insights into practice immediately and continuously. 

The weekly Zoom gatherings, monthly 1:1 coaching calls with Michel, printable e-book of practices, and accountability partnership are designed so that you experience real-life breakthroughs throughout the course and beyond. 

You won't be left to vicariously apply the wisdom & tools that move us from anxiety, frustration, pain, worry, and fear to genuine liberation. YOU WILL BE GUIDED TO INSPIRING REVELATIONS,  OVERCOMING PROBLEMS, AND DISCOVERING PEACE OF MIND from the very first gathering!



"I joined because I was at odds with people who exclude others who are different in their eyes."


"I joined because I felt like I was spinning in the same path day to day. I wanted to get off that path and feel more joy."


"So grateful for this course showing me how to take my power back and seeing all of the other course members doing the work and experiencing so much growth!"


"Wow, I just cannot believe how in this short amount of time in Free Your Mind how it changed my thinking. I have done other courses with Michel, but this one really hit me! I am so happy to be stopping to think about what I am doing or thinking of doing. I use the phrase "Is it true?" quite often." 


"So grateful for this course helping me navigate tough family situations."


"...Miraculously I did not feel mad. I felt calm, strong, and happy...It was a wonderful week...I love the new me!!!"


"Such a great meeting tonight! My fingers hurt from writing some great stuff!  Excited for my 1:1 tomorrow with Michel and the next community meeting next week."


"I'm looking forward to the next round!"



The next step to joining the Free Your Mind course & community is having a 1:1 conversation with Michel! 


This 1:1 session is designed for you and Michel to explore together where you are in terms of your mental body and emotional body...and where you want to be.  Michel will personalize the session to what you really want and how she might be able to help you achieve your desires. You may land on dissolving limiting beliefs, changing day-to-day habits, or other desires. It really depends on you!


This is a unique opportunity for you to express your desires in a way that you may never have before. Your conversation will be confidential, collaborative and hopefully reveal your potential to free your mind and feel at peace.


SO! What are you waiting for? Check out now and Michel will be in touch to schedule your Personal Dream Session! 

Free Your Mind

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