The Tidy Your Temple Detox is the ultimate seasonal experience that happens quickly and ease-fully. It's not a harsh cleanse. It is a nourishing, all-levels opportunity to press your reset button. It's your key to creating your body of the future and redesigning the way you age.  


And!!!  It's not hard.


    Unload the seasonal build up of physical, mental + emotional toxins before symptoms get worse!

    Humans have always developed seasonal imbalances. But, nature's seasonal menu would automatically correct those imbalances. Now we live largely independently of natural rhythms. We stay up too late finishing emails or watching a screen. We're overscheduled and depleted.  The modern lifestyle, even the healthy version of it, slowly build inflammation which destroys our immune integrity.  


    That is why it is so important, actually essential, to reset your body twice a year with a home detox. The people who do an at-home detox or rejuvenation feel younger and more vibrant as they age. And the people who don't, well, they feel the normal effects of aging. What camp do you want to be in?


    Signs you need a detox:

    • Cravings for non-wholesome foods + beverages
    • Anxiety, Depression
    • Tiredness + Fatigue
    • Mood swings
    • Joint pain
    • Allergies 
    • Asthma
    • Morning facial puffiness
    • Low energy
    • Negative self-talk


    Side-Benefits Include:

    - Doing it with a friend

    - Opening up time + space (in your home & in your body)

    - Living in a lean, clean body

    - Sleeping better, eating better, feeling better 

    - Having better integrity with your calendar

    - and of course...much, much more


    Tidy Your Temple - Spring 2021 Detox