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Thank You & Farewell Front Yard Labyrinth

You were a Mother’s Day gift that helped me release my mess-ups as a new mom and

receive divine guidance from Mother God.

For you I am grateful.

With your single entrance,

your one path,

and your stone center

you brought order to chaos.

When I came with impossible questions

you provided clarity.

When I came with human problems

you provided creativity.

When I came with random ideas

you provided connection.

You invited me into you

whether I came with a heavy heart in mourning or

frisky feet in celebration or

the simple intention to just


Most importantly...

You graciously helped me hear the still, small voice within me.

That wisdom voice that helps me step into new opportunities and lay to rest that which doesn’t

serve me.

That wisdom voice that helps me live with less fear and greater love.

That wisdom voice that is always available, always present, but that I don’t pay enough attention to.

May I help order the chaos.

May I be a conduit for clarity, creativity, and connection.

May I extend the same hospitality to others as you did to me.

May I pay more attention

whether I am walking your path or not.

Because I am always walking your path.

After more than a year of talking about it and collecting supplies for it, my family built a five-circuit labyrinth in our front yard out of mulch, brick, and stone. It was my dream and it came to fruition over a Mother’s Day weekend. I wrote this poem right after we sold our home and set off on a summer-long road trip around the country, before moving to another state for my husband to attend seminary.

Do you have a labyrinth story you would like to share? Use the comment section below to tell us about your divinely transformative or utterly simple labyrinth experience(s)!

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