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Julie, Parent

To watch your child in a state of peaceful contemplation is the best feeling in the world. Story and Stretch has been the greatest experience for our kids. They are learning life lessons in every class, enjoying movement, and gaining physical and mental strength!

Janie, Preschool Director

I could not believe it when I walked into the gym and saw our 50 children fully engaged in the story through yoga and having a ball!

This innovative program is a winner

all the way around!

Simona, Course Member

I love WHO you draw to help in this life.

Older, younger, and various genders, faiths and ethnicities. That speaks to who YOU are! 

How you treat the singular client with so much attention and respect and value, depicts how you will treat the masses. To you, it's all the same, with respect, with value, with intention. 

Thank you for who you are!

Thank you for helping me

along the journey of life.

Angela, Yoga Student

I look forward to Michel's class all week.  Michel's Liturgical Yoga class includes elements for your mind, spirit and soul so that you feel you are praising God through your movements on your yoga mat.   You instantly feel at peace in her class.   Liturgical Yoga has changed my life for the better, as it has allowed me to release my stress,  make me happier and grow deeper in my relationship with God.

Kim, Course Member

Michel's energy is inspiring & her encouragement & guidance have been extremely beneficial.  She has a way of making you feel very comfortable and helping you find ways to make the changes to keep you on the path to your goals.

Kirpal, Workshop Attendee

You did a marvelous job engaging the audience, and providing such valuable insights. 

Your talk really reinforced a lot of things for me and there was so many gems of insights and skillful delivery in your session.

Michel is genuinely concerned with my success in the program.  She is very good at helping me focus on what works for me, rather than be competitive with myself or the group.

Christine, Course Member

Fruitful Living has enhanced all aspects of my life.  I am sleeping much better and eating better which in turn enhances my energy and mental clarity. I have also had the added effect of becoming much more in line with my intuition and spirituality. 

Today I know that creating the life I want is more than possible, it is being created right now with each and every action I take.

Xinyuan, Workshop Attendee

Thank you for speaking to us today. Your personal testimony was powerful and impactful. I learned a lot from today’s event and felt more energetic and peaceful at the end. Many people must have felt the same, according to the poll results. 

Julie, Course Member


Be ignited by someone who will ask you insightful questions & deeply listen.  

It's fun and free. 

How would your life be different if you had been introduced to yoga as a kid?

story & stretch

Narrative yoga for kids

Every child deserves to be taught the tools necessary to grow into a healthy and peaceful individual.  Effectively teach those tools using this body-centered life education and yoga play therapy program.

Story and Stretch combines the ancient art of oral storytelling and the healing practice of yoga to help kids connect with their inner world of creativity while acquiring listening and literary skills, body awareness and character development. 

Three Volume Series

A Guide to Teaching Kids Yoga

1. Using Seasonal Stories

2. Using Old Testament Stories

3. Using Gospel Stories

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    Meet Michel Le!   













Michel Le's work is at the intersection of the spirituality of life

and the science of life. For over 10 years, she's been at the helm of Ombrella, a virtual and in-person collective of beautiful spirits who support one another in healing the past, loving the present, and stepping joyfully into the future.


Michel Le is the creator of four dynamic, wellness courses:

Fruitful Living, Free Your Mind, GLOW, and Tidy Your Temple, as well as Labyrinth Now, Liturgical Yoga, and Story & Stretch: Narrative Yoga for Kids. She is trained as a Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, Labyrinth Facilitator, Backpacking Guide, Forest Bathing Guide, 

and Mindfulness Educator. Michel Le is also the author of the three-volume Story and Stretch: A Guide to Teaching Kids Yoga series.


Connect with her and start

feeling better, serving bigger and enjoying more!

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