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  • anxiety or depression

  • cramping, bloating

  • diarrhea and loose stools

  • constipation or straining

  • reflux and flatulence

  • low energy, foggy brain and fatigue relieved by eating

  • skin conditions 

  • stubborn belly fat despite extensive dieting

  • female hormone imbalances 

  • an auto-immune condition 

  • carbohydrate cravings

  • low or high blood sugar

  • inability to miss a meal

Experiencing these challenges can be painful and embarrassing. It can feel isolating and lonely.

It's a heavy burden to carry.

An unnecessary burden!

You can heal your gut, your body and your life.
You can be free & GLOW!

Imagine what your life will be like once you are free of digestive issues?


How would you feel to plan your days without a second thought

about toilets or anxiety about eating?


What would you do differently?

Today, next weekend, this summer?


How would more carefree and confident look for you?


I invite you to close your eyes and really feel into that for 1 minute...

I promise you it's possible.

Balancing Rocks


1. Set Intention/Anchor Commitment,

Principles of Optimal Digestion,

Agni: your digestive fire,

Doshas: your body constitution,

Meal Planning for phase 1 & 2

2. Daily self-care practices,

Meal Planning for phase 3,

Shopping Lists

3. Self-reflection,

Kitchari Reset,

Five Senses Therapy

4. Sustainable Breath Work,

Sustainable Meditation,

Sustainable Yoga



Feel energized

after eating and

throughout the day

Enjoy better moods


improved relationships

Healthy Lunch

Focus &

perform better


Feel confident that you know exactly how & what to eat, for you



sounds and odors from your gut


Experience a sense of calm and clarity

Look forward to eating instead of dreading it

But don't take my word for it...

Read the words of GLOWERS...

"I’m so happy I’m in this group! I’m learning so much and it’s just the beginning! I’m grateful for saying yes!"

"You can always begin again to be healthy and that is what GLOW allows me to do. I use these 3 weeks to reset my body. With the guidance and lectures by Michel and the encouragement of the group improvement becomes doable."

"Put on a pair of pants today that I had not worn since starting Glow. Wow, they fit so much better!"


"Such a great course to help yourself reset and move on. 


"Let me tell you the change is already here. My simple, yet delicious, meals really have nourished me. Plates didn't look like this growing up! It’s a re-learning going on! I’m very happy with how my body feels - lighter and cleaner from inside out. Thank you GLOW for allowing me to be apart of this journey! A lot of this information will stick with me for the rest of my life! Hope everyone is giving themselves grace. Small is powerful!"


"I learned so much about Ayurvedic lifestyle!"


"I kicked my late night habit to the curb and have been waking with more energy and it has persisted without caffeine."


"I learned not to be so strict in my thinking. Moderation mindset helped me and having a check-in each week was great."

More Details...

* When you enroll, Michel Le will reach out and help you start getting ready for your journey to digestive healing! 

* Throughout your 20-day reset (and beyond) you'll receive support via course documents, videos, emails, a private facebook forum, and Zoom gatherings. 

* Course content will include specific teachings on healing foods and self-care practices such as meditation,

self-massage, sense organ care, and sustainable, nourishing movement.

* Each Winter & Summer Michel Le leads a live, virtual experience of GLOW - including 4 Zoom gatherings to assist you in an even more impactful & enjoyable reset.


* Don't want to wait? Register now & start immediately. You'll be added to the online community forum and have the opportunity to interact with Michel Le & the rest of the GLOWERS right away, throughout your 20-day experience, and beyond! 


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