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Live in a more
clear, relaxed & comfortable body
through a

nourishing, supported, personalized journey! 

Unload the seasonal buildup of

physical, mental and emotional toxins. 

Here's the deal...

As a human, you develop seasonal imbalances. 


And once upon a time, when humans lived in rhythm with the wisdom of creation, the seasonal menu automatically corrected those imbalances.

BUT (you knew this was coming) today, most people live largely independently of the cycles that best support them.  We stay up too late finishing emails or watching a screen.  We eat fake food.  We overload our calendar.  

And because of all that we are depleted.




My point...the modern lifestyle, even the healthy version of it, slowly builds inflammation in the body - which destroys our immune integrity.

One Solution...

Hit The RESET Button

Because of the above it is essential to reset your body seasonally through an at-home detox. The people who do this come out of it feeling more vibrant on the inside and more radiant on the outside as they age.


And the people who don't, well, they feel the normal effects of aging.


What camp do you want to be in?


The Tidy Your Temple Spring 2024 Detox is happening live February 19 - March 7.  If those dates don't work for you don't worry.  You will have access to all of the materials beyond March 7th so you can do your detox at the best time for YOU!  

You can thrive more as you age.

You can sleep better, eat better, move better...feel better.

signs you

 need to 


Anxiety, Depression

Tiredness + Fatigue

Mood swings

Joint pain



Low energy

Negative self-talk

Morning facial puffiness

Cravings for non-wholesome foods + beverages

12 Reasons You Want To Join The TIDY YOUR TEMPLE RESET 

You want to simplify your kitchen,

your meal planning & your meal prep.

You want to enjoy

a nourishing diet

that heals.

You want to

cut the clutter in your space & schedule.

You want to

avoid burnout.

You know it pays to be in the kind of company that can support your next breakthrough.

You want to experience more joy, ease & flow 

in your life.

You want to create better daily habits.

You want to head into Autumn clean & clear - physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

You want to journey through an all-levels experience personalized to meet YOUR needs. 

You want to live in deeper integrity.

You want the

allergies, headaches, lethargy, hard periods,

joint pain, skin issues,

extra weight & more

to fall away. 

You deserve to take time for you.

Do it together.

Seasonal resets, no matter how simple, are always better together.

Until you have built regular detoxing into your lifestyle it’s harder, and less effective, to go it alone. Rather than wonder what it’s like, come join us. There is a reason our members and course mentors keep coming back! 

Come as you are. This experience is for everybody.

Tidy Your Temple is all levels. From those suffering with auto-immune symptoms, allergies, bloat, underweight, overweight, this is a reset that will help you.

Pregnant women, teens and elderly all can, and do, join us. People from different belief systems, cultural identities, and previous detox experiences, who want to access their enlightened human design, join us. Sign up and see how good you can feel.

No special herbs, shakes, or supplements required.

We’ll guide you to access how to use the resources you already have and are familiar with to detox. You’ll gain wisdom, release outdated habits, and know how to reset your life from anywhere at anytime.

What's going down
February 19 - March 7

A friend comes FREE

with your ticket!! 

* When you enroll I'll reach out right away to help you start getting ready for your journey to rejuvenation! 

* Videos, E-books & Private Facebook Forum to get you oriented and support you throughout the live 18-day experience. 

* A number of different cleanse/detox options for you to design the right experience for YOU.  

* Multiple, live community calls to assist you in preparing for your reset, easing in, moving in more deeply, and emerging gently and gracefully. 

* Teachings and time to explore self-care practices such as meditation, self-massage, sense organ care, nourishing movement and healing foods.  

* Continued access to all materials (videos, etc) and the private Facebook forum - where you can ask questions and connect with Michel and other detoxers for another level of support. 


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