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* let go of what's holding you back?


* understand how our mindset directly determines our experience of life?

* be guided to true inner freedom?


FREE YOUR MIND offers 10 potent weeks of

theory & practicality, 1:1 coaching, and peer support.



Enjoying the Nature

Live more fully into your limitless potential
by dissolving limited thinking.

The FREE YOUR MIND experience helps you become aware of the subconscious narratives

that are negatively shaping your behavior, health, relationships, career, etc.

Each week, we explore how mental constructs dictate our thoughts, feelings, and actions

- AND we put insights into practice immediately and continuously! 

Our weekly Zoom gatherings, along with the mental practices you'll implement between gatherings, will allow you to both witness in your fellow community members 

AND experience for yourself real-life breakthroughs.

This is NOT simply a video-course in which you watch others be guided from fear to freedom.

You won't be left to vicariously apply the wisdom & tools that move us from anxiety, frustration, pain, worry, and fear to genuine liberation. YOU WILL EXPERIENCE INSPIRING REVELATIONS,  OVERCOME PROBLEMS, AND DISCOVER PEACE OF MIND. 

And you'll do it from the very first gathering!



"I started with a heaviness in my body. I talked and Michel "played back" what I said. Eye opening! About the situation I said, 'It is too late now'.

I saw no way out. Wrong!

It is not too late.

I had to think about this situation differently. When we were done talking I felt lighter.

Since then, when I start worrying about the situation, I stop, think of our conversation, and change what I am telling myself. I feel lighter with this change in my mind and I can't wait for our gathering tonight!"


"My win this week was catching myself before I went into a tailspin over setting up my husband's new cell phone.

I modified the lesson for the week, 'I can see peace instead of this' to I can see peace instead of TAILSPINNING'!  

It made me laugh and

changed my whole view…"

"Approached a dinner that would have been overwhelming in the past with a new mindset: I let the experience come to me and was grateful for socializing. I did not allow others' actions to cause me anxiety as I typically do in a restaurant environment!"


"My win this week feels like a fail, but I know its a big win to just be aware, because without awareness nothing changes. I felt threatened by someone and reacted defensively. Instead of this making me feel better, I felt worse about the situation and wish I would have remained calm and came from a place of curiosity and understanding.

Another win came when I chose to call the person and wrap up business with them, instead of leaving it at that and never communicating with them again. I felt so much better after the call and it ended in peace and kindness, and with gratitude from them and an apology from me."

"Wow, I just cannot believe how in this short amount of time in Free Your Mind how it changed my thinking. I am so happy to be stopping to think about what I am doing or thinking of doing."


"Abundance is taking over!

Everyday tasks are now liberating.

Manifestations are

coming true.

Once I stopped trying to

'create a space' to dance,

the space found me!

See y'all tonight!"



"I received a work call on my day off. Didn't answer. Listened to voicemail and began a conversation in my head to 'prepare myself' for the conversation. Finally, I stopped the conversation, laughed and said, 'Seriously'! You don't know what he will say and all you really need to do is say "thank you for sharing," mean it, and keep on rolling.' It was very freeing to let go of that false narrative trying to happen in my head."