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Maundy Thursday - "Jesus Serves His Disciples" 


Good Friday - "Jesus Is Crucified" 


Holy Saturday - "Jesus Is Buried" 


This package of THREE Story and Stretch lessons aligns the Biblical stories of Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday with the healing practice of yoga, to guide children, and people of all ages, to experience a deeper embodiment of their faith. Each element is uniquely crafted to help participants explore these three gospel stories through their breath, body, and brain, renewing their connection to God at every level of their being. 


Outline for Each Session

Energetic Warm-Up: Breath Practice

Spiritual Warm-Up: Christian Meditation

Mental Warm-Up: Mindfulness Practice

Physical Warm-Up: Son Salutations


Recreating the Story Using Yoga Poses





Story and Stretch was created by Michel Le Gribble-Dates, mother, certified yoga instructor, and former Director of Children's Ministries.


Story and Stretch has been transformative in our church. The practice of integrating yoga with Biblical storytelling has engaged children of all ages in new ways while cultivating healthy practices for mindfulness and prayer.

- Jami Vandock, Director of Christian Education for Children and Youth



Our children today are bombarded with noise and stimulation.  Story and Stretch equips them with strategies to find an inner quiet, to combat the chaos of the world, and to be embraced by the truth of God’s love for them.

- Elizabeth Snelbake, Director of Christian Education



The best Storytellers use their bodies to tell the story.  Story & Stretch is our resource to gather the children and tell the Bible lesson each day of VBS.  It is also on our schedule as the resource for Sunday morning faith formation and intergenerational gatherings!

- Charlotte Allbright, Director of Christian Formation and Education



I liked learning a lot of new yoga poses. It was fun.

- Camden, 2nd grader



Story and Stretch is a very modern approach to teaching classic Bible stories incorporating movement and mindfulness to children. Myself and the participating children at the church enjoyed it immensely.

- Meredith, Parent

3 Holy Week Story & Stretch Sessions (Thur, Fri, Sat)

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