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Intermittent fasting (IF) is becoming increasingly popular in the main-stream. And this is GOOD, GREAT news! 


If you're into Yoga/Ayurveda you know that IF is not a new trend. In fact, it's been a pillar of a healthy life for thousands of years. Recently, modern-day science caught up with ancient wisdom, and several studies support the health benefits of IF.


This month, IF is the topic of Michel's Monthly Wellness Workshop, which are all designed to help people overcome issues and live a truly exceptional life!


In this virtual workshop, you will learn WHY intermittent fasting works, it's benefits, and how to set up (or explore deeper) an IF rhythm for your body/life. 


AND you get to choose between two different times to tune in live! Join Michel either Tuesday, May 23rd at 9am est OR 6pm est via Zoom. Upon registering you will receive your link to join. And yes, everyone who registers will receive a recording of the workshop AND the slide deck :) 


Sincerely hope to see you 5/23 so that together we can take a next step into a more peaceful, joyful future!  

Intermittent Fasting - Michel's Monthly Wellness Workshop for May

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