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Join Creator and Lead-Facilitator, Michel Le, and current MMC members, for a lovely taste of this transformative virtual community on Thursday, November 2nd, at 6pm EST! During the monthly Family & Friends Gathering, curious, seeking souls, like yourself, will experience a nourishing centering practice, an insightful reflective practice, and a spontaneous share by a current member. You will also learn why the MMC exists, how it functions, and have the opportunity to schedule a complimentary conversation with Michel Le afterwards.  

* Who is it for? People who feel like outliers among their friends, families, or society-at-large and are ready to dissolve body/mind issues and cultivate a truly peaceful and joyful journey of life! 


People who are ready to heal, grow, and transform in ways both deeply desired and pleasantly surprised by!


People who believe their future can be brighter than their past & who are ready to live it!

* What problems do they have? Inflammation; Weight creep; Highs & lows in energy & mood; Loneliness; Stress/Anxiety/Overwhelm/Depression; Degenerative habits (eating too much, sitting too much, eating late, snacking, poor sleep, limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns); Not apart of a community with healthy habits; Not enough consistency with practices that do work for them

* What do members have the option of participating in? Yoga & Meditation Sessions, Wellness Workshops, Accountability Meetings; Core Curriculum (video & print); 1:1 Laser Coaching; In-Person Meet-Ups; Seasonal Resets, and so much more!


Imagine belonging to a community that...
* Surrounds you with people who have lifestyle habits of Thrive and compassionately support you in developing Thriving habits also
* Supports you in designing the life you desire and collaborates with you on sustainable implementation using modern behavior change science
* Engages you in an enjoyable and easeful step-by-step process for evolving your daily rhythm to align with the Circadian Rhythm
* Leverages curiosity in ways that lead to feeling more mentally free, physically fit, emotionally grounded, and spiritually connected
* Has the tangible experience of freeing up time and money as a direct result of a growth-centered mindset
* Guarantees multiple breakthroughs within a year
* Believes you are a Being of Light & Love and helps you remember yourSelf as that
* Is genuinely joyful and at peace


Core Curriculum

Competency 1 — MINDSET: Perspective, Acceptance, Forgiveness, Gratitude

Competency 2 — CIRCADIAN: Ayurveda/Fruitful Living Rituals

Competency 3 — VISION: Identity Evolution, Goals, Planning

Competency 4 — CONNECTION: Nonviolent Comm., Dynamic Community, Structures

Competency 5 — UPLEVEL: Behavior Change Tactics

Competency 6 — REWILD: Personal Reconnection and Planetary Regeneration


Be with us for 1 year and you’ll feel better than you can currently even imagine IN EVERY WAY. You will reverse current health issues, prevent future disease and enjoy everything in your life more...your body, your thoughts, your relationships, your work, your free time, EVERYTHING!



MMC Family & Friends Gathering

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