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Want more support in bringing Story & Stretch to the children in your life?  Looking to save?  Bundle together your copy of ONE of the Story and Stretch books (Seasonal Stories, Old Testament Stories, or New Testament Stories) AND the 3-hour Online Teaching Workshop & 29 pg. Manual for a discount!  Before finalizing your purchase, please add a note specifing which of the three Guide Books you would like (Seasonal, OT, or NT) and whether you want a paperback copy OR PDF version!


Every child deserves to be taught the tools necessary to grow into a healthy and peaceful individual. Now, you can effectively teach those tools to one or 1,000 children using Story and Stretch: Narrative Yoga for Kids, a body-centered life education and yoga play therapy program. The Story and Stretch method, clearly outlined in each of the three guide books, online teaching workshop, and cooresponding manual, combines the ancient art of oral storytelling and the healing practice of yoga to help kids connect with their inner world of creativity while acquiring listening and literary skills, body awareness and character development.


Written by mom, certified yoga instructor, and former elementary teacher, Michel Le Gribble-Dates, this program is designed for anyone who works with children ages 3 and up. 

PACKAGE DEAL: 1 Guide Book & Online Training Workshop

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