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Chronic inflammation is modern society’s greatest health threat. Three out of five people alive today will die due to chronic disease. Crazy! Right? 


For nearly 10 years I've taught the habits which effectively prevent and fight chronic inflammation...which if ignored leads to chronic disease. I've not only taught it, but also supported dozens of people in systemically uprooting inflammation!


April's "Uproot Inflammation" Wellness Workshop will cover: 

* Circadian Rhythm: It is the reality of our rhythm which determines our level of inflammation...which is THE measurement of wellbeing/longevity 

* Positive Stressors vs. Negative Stressors: Fruitful Living Habits, the habits of ANTI-inflammation  

* Chronic Inflammation: What, Why, How, How Much, What Happens


Register right now and then mark your calendar for either Monday, April 24th at 6pm EST or Tuesday, April 25th at 9am EST. 

Uproot Inflammation - Michel's Monthly Wellness Workshop for April

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