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Do you identify with Ang Porter’s words in her article titled The Parenting Secret That is Destroying Us, which read, “When we’re alone, we walk around the grocery store or Target in this semi-trance-like state…we’ve become so overwhelmed that an hour in a packed retail store is considered solace.”?  I met countless women who this rings true for, myself included at times. 


In conversations with women I hear again and again about all of the everything we are juggling.  I hear about the struggle bred from that juggle - from anger and aches & pains to gastrointestinal issues and deep grief.  And I hear about the fear around everything falling apart, all of the balls dropping, if they prioritized themselves a little higher on their to-do list.      


Now, an opportunity for authentic soul-care exists in the most popular space women go seeking to reclaim everything from their simple sanity to their sense-of-self - Target.  Maps and guidelines for walking Target as a labyrinth takes an ancient spiritual practice and adapts it to fit the context of your modern life.      


Included in your 9-page download are basic instructions for this life-giving practice, suggested guidelines for walking Target as a labyrinth, 7 different paths to choose from based on the layout of the Target store you’re walking and the amount of time you have, as well as information on how to schedule a complimentary Wellness Strategy Session.


What is it that you desire to reclaim?  Download your copy of Walking Target As A Labyrinth: Maps & Guidelines and take a step in that direction.  

Labyrinth Now: Walk Target as a Labyrinth

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