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How To Meet Any Goal

Right now, bring a goal to mind. It doesn’t matter whether your goal is to loose weight, learn how to play the ukelele, or pay off a loan. Got your goal in mind? Great!

For many of us the gap between where we want to be with something and where we are right now is too big to simply take a leap. You could try it. In fact, you probably have tried it. My guess is that it didn’t work then and it wouldn’t work now.

So how do we meet the goals we make?

The answer is quite simple….

Know your WHY and make it easy to meet them! (Now, that doesn’t mean we make easy goals. Rather, we make it easy to meet our goals, however grand they are!)

Here’s how…


What’s Kaizen? It’s a Japanese business philosophy that is based on continuous, daily, tiny improvements…tiny improvements that lead to tremendous change. It’s about understanding the super small, super simple steps that you can make today that will get you a little closer to your goal tomorrow.

Let’s say you struggle with low-energy and fatigue. Because of this you have difficultly staying focused on your work, you fall behind with things at home, and being fully present to your friends and family feels impossible.

You want to be able to concentrate, to stay on top of all the good you’re doing, and enjoy quality time with the people you care about, but you’re stuck and you’ve lost sight of your spark.

You have a deep desire for greater energy.

You reflect on your daily rituals (your patterns around sleep, food, movement, etc.) and notice that you snack late at night, look at screens until the time you get into bed (and sometimes even in bed), and get into bed at different times each night. Because of your current rituals you have a hard time falling asleep, a hard time getting out of the bed in the morning, and experience highs and lows in energy throughout the day.

The reality is in order to increase your energy you’ve got to develop better sleep rituals....which is where Kaizen comes in. You've got to make a change that seems like it would be too easy…that underwhelms you.

The key to improving your daily rituals to meet your goals is making changes that you barely notice. Little nudges have a compounding effect. They help us move in the direction we want to go.

So, if you desire more sustained energy you have to get deep rest. In order to access deep rest you have to develop a nourishing bedtime ritual…emphasis on the word nourishing. Eventually, you have to set an early bedtime (preferably before 10pm) and not eat anything at least three hours before bed. You have to slow down, stop looking at screens earlier (and never in bed)…perhaps soak in a bath!

But you don’t have to do it all at once. Nor should you try!

Instead, go Kaizen on your rituals to meet your goals! Pick the lowest hanging fruit, the easiest thing that would help you get better sleep tonight, so you have more radiant energy tomorrow.

Maybe you currently get into bed around 11:30pm. Shoot for backing up bedtime by 15 minutes. For the next week get into bed at 11:15pm, 5 of the 7 nights. The next week play with backing it up another 15 minutes, or soaking in the bath, or massaging your feet in bed, or turning your screens off earlier (screens = stimulation), or not snacking after dinner (which causes your digestive system to work harder at night, making it impossible for your body to fully regenerate for the day ahead, resulting in less energy).

If you start where you’re at...

And take baby steps to where you want to be...

You will sail along the path to becoming the next best version of yourself.

Want help getting to the root of what you want and going Kaizen to make it happen? Book your FREE Wellness Discovery Session right now. Our conversation will be fun and what are you waiting for?


- Michel

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