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Such an important word. Restart lets me know that if I waiver from my path, I can come back.

With the start of a new season of the Fruitful Living course, I am restarting.

With the start of a new season of Winter, I am restarting.

With the start of a new season of ________________ (you can fill in the blank), I am restarting.

I do restart a lot. That is what I call being kind to myself. It used to be that I was so hard on myself if I did not follow the plan I made for my life. With being in the Fruitful Living Community, I found that I can:

  • Take baby steps

  • Make a 1% improvement

  • Do 80% of the “plan” and that be good enough.

I don’t have to make it a 100%. In the past, if I didn’t make the 100% I would be discouraged and go back to my old ways. Now, I just restart and get back to my routine. My Fruitful Living routine that is making me a happy and healthy person - a person who wants to be the best person she can be!

Some weeks I may restart many times. Some weeks I am 60%. Some weeks I am 85%. After being in the Fruitful Living Community for a year, I find the restarts much easier. I don’t waiver as far, I have a community supporting me, and YAY! for those Accountability Partners.

My daily routine now starts the night before. I had meetings last night and got to bed late, but I did get up early to do my morning routine. Not feeling as well this morning because of the late night, but tomorrow will restart tonight when I eat my early, light dinner and go off to bed early. Yes, for another restart!

Be kind to yourselves and know that no one is perfect and 100%. Kaizen and take those baby steps.

- Julie Lofdahl,

Fruitful Living Assistant

Member since 2018

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