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Purging My Home

After cleaning my parents’ house out when they moved to assisted living, I so wanted to have my home in order!

I didn't want my boys to have to go through all my stuff - that I know they do not want.

I also wanted to simplify for ME!

I wanted to be able to come home and feel relaxed, happy, and able to find things in my home.

Purging my home became one of my three "desired outcomes", or goals, during the last quarter of Fruitful Living. I had started purging in the quarter before that, but wanted to "take the next step".

I wanted it to become a practice.

And it did!

I read two little books (they are tiny in size) that were a huge help.

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo helped me specifically with organizing.

The Little Book of Hygge - Danish Secrets to Happy Living by Meik Wiking helped with a feeling of home.

Marie Kondo’s method of thanking everything for bringing me joy and then letting it go was so very helpful. Previously, I had not been able to let things go that had sentimental meaning. Fruitful Living has been helpful with this as well! I am happier with myself, so I feel I am able to give gratitude and let sentimental items go easier.

Purging. Such a funny word. I like to think of simplifying. My living room and bedroom have been so simplified. I am so calm when coming into these rooms. It gives me hope for the rest of my house.

Recently, I have been working on my craft room. Oh this room is so hard. Every little piece of nature, ribbon, or paper can be something. I just have to keep thinking that donating some of my craft and art supplies can help someone else be creative. If things were simplified in this room, I think I could be more creative. Creativity is something I will be working on in 2020 so I feel more relaxed and find joy in my home.

I don’t know if I will ever be done purging or simplifying. It has become a habit. Each drawer or closet I open; my mind is looking at what I do not use anymore that can be donated. Do I really need 10 towels, 10 pairs of shoes, or 100 books??

Take a moment or two to find the joy in your home. Maybe you have to purge a few things. How about starting with that junk drawer (we all have one) and that one little piece of your home will be simplified.

Peace & Joy,

- Julie Lofdahl

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