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Self-Oil Massage: Benefits, Do's + Don'ts

September was all about stress-reduction. We sat in silence, breathed down deep in our bellies, rubbed pressure points on our ears, and wrapped ourselves (and hopefully others) in a loving embrace.

This month, we're both going deeper and more expansive with our self-care as we focus on oil. Yep, oil...that edible liquid extracted from a variety of plants that offers an even wider variety of benefits to our internal and external bodies.

Applying oil to your temple of the Holy Spirit opens the gateway to you becoming your body's best healer. It empowers you to use your own hands to access a deeper level of response-ability with your health and wholeness.

Self oil-massage is all about deep self-love.

You have one body. A body that runs on love, indeed thrives on love.

Disrespect your body, dishonor your body, critique or judge your body and it breaks down. Attend to your body's needs for self-love and you stimulate regeneration, repair and rejuvenation.

The choice is yours...

In this first post I briefly outline some of the primary benefits of rubbing your body with oil, as well as some do's and don'ts. Then, throughout the month we'll play with using oil everywhere from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet!

Benefits of Self-Massage with Oil:

- Nourishes mind and body

- Rejuvenates the whole body, including the skin

- Relieves fatigue

- Builds stamina

- Increases longevity

- Delays aging

- Promotes deeper sleep

- Enhances complexion and luster of skin

- Enhances circulation and detoxification

- Releases stress

- Awakes the senses

- Recovers muscle fatigue

- Supports digestion

- Shifts the attitude into positivity

- Teaches self-love + self-care

Benefits of rubbing oil into your scalp:

- Nourishes the sense organs

- Decreases facial wrinkles

- Can help thicken and beautify hair

Benefits of oiling your ears:

- Decreases stiffness in neck

- Releases tension in jaw

- Helps optimize and protect hearing

- Prevents infection due to underlying dryness

Benefits of oil massaging your feet before bed:

- Releases tension from you day

- Stimulates organs into detox

- Makes feet flexible

- Aids in deep sleep

- Creates a sense of ease before rest

Do’s + Don’ts for Self-Massage


Use The Same Spot For Oil Massage

Choose somewhere warm, private, and comfortable. When you have a regular spot you’ll feel pulled there when you need it.

Take Extra Time 1x Week

While your day-to-day massage might be a quick affair, take 10-20 minutes on a weekly basis to deeply explore the full benefits.

Make It A Family Affair

If you have young children or babies, get them greasy before, during, or after bathing. Children that grow up receiving regular massage naturally perpetuate the ritual. Teach kids that self-massage is part of whole body maintenance & empower them to practice it themselves!

Sculpt Yourself

Your hands are yours to shape your body as they intuit. Let your hands intuitively explore what needs to get back into circulation. Notice what needs kneading, soothing, wringing, and rubbing. Nurture yourself!

Start With Your Feet

If you’re touch-averse, start oil massage with your feet before bed. As weeks pass, you might do your hands and head. Then limbs. And finally, you might want to do a full body massage. Take it slow, and relax into it.

Warm Your Oil For A Special Treat

When you have time, warm your oil bottle in a hot water bath (like a small saucepan or tea mug) before you enjoy your massage.


Use Your Favorite Towels Afterward

Your towels or bathrobe will pick up the residue of oil from your skin. Use older, but clean, towels after your oil massage.

Do It In A Cold Place

If you do oil massage in a less-than-inviting environment you’ll rush through it, instead of taking time to enjoy your body.

Use Rancid Oil

If the oil smells off…it is. Your skin is your body’s la

rgest digestive organ. What you put onto your skin goes into your blood. Buy organic, cold-pressed oil and add high-grade essential oils for specific healing benefits.

Clog Your Drains

Oil down the drain hardens and builds up into a plaque. If you oil massage before you shower or soak in the bath, flush your pipes occasionally with heated diluted vinegar.

Give Up

The benefits of oil massage on the mind and emotional body are profound. Often we think talking our problems out will help. Sometimes that works - but other times it brings more energy into the head. When you’re feeling disconnected, self-loathing, or dissatisfied, feed your body love with oil and your hands. You may be surprised at how quickly you can shift into a balanced state of being.

If you would like to join the 10-day Oil-in-October challenge hop on over to the Servants Committed to Self-Care Facebook group by clicking HERE! Let us know which consecutive 10 days in October you're committing to oil all, or part, of your body AND be entered into our monthly drawing happening at the end of the month!

Happy Oiling!

- Michel

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