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Seasonal Self-Care Bingo Board - Join the Nourishing Fun & Be Entered to Win a Prize!

Autumn is finally in full swing and as much as I have always loved the show of colors this time of year, to be perfectly honest, Autumn has always been a challenging season for me. It the past it was a time of year that I was prone to anxiety and overwhelm, and a general feeling of ungrounded-ness.

Despite my many years of practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness it wasn't until I dove deep into the lifestyle and dietary principles of Ayurveda, and apply them to my life, that I really began to feel balanced and vibrant in the Fall.

In an effort to make this ancient wisdom applicable to your modern life, I've written blog posts and created videos over the last several months exploring the Ayurveda perspective on the different seasons. A few weeks ago I laid out the qualities of Fall, which are dry, rough, windy, erratic, cool, and subtle and reminded us once again of the principle that 'like attracts like and opposites bring balance.' Meaning, anything we do or consume with the Fall qualities in this season will aggravate our bodies, including our minds and emotions. In order to experience optimal health in our whole being this time of year we must focus on that which is warm, oily, smooth, and slow. We must seek out deep nourishment, loving relationships, and a sense of stability, routine, and grounded-ness. Rather than simply tell you the Autumn rituals I have cultivated to maintain incredible health and happiness this time of year, I created a Fall Bingo Board for you to play in! Each square contains a practice specifically suited for Fall, from massaging your body with oil to walking in the nature to eating stewed apples to cleaning out a closet.

You are invited to print the game board and fill in the squares as you play in the Fall practices. It's up to you whether you fill in a specific square after exploring the practice just once or nourishing yourself consistently over a set timeframe (ex. 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 pick!). Be entered in the first "Seasonal Self-Care Prize Drawing" by filling in the entire board and posting it to the Servants Committed to Self-Care Facebook Group by December 14th!

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me by emailing

Happy Fall Y'all,

- Michel

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