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Top 5 Tips for an Healthy, Happy, Nourishing November

1) Deflect the dryness!

November is a dry month and we must honor that if we are to thrive, not only this time of year, but looking ahead at our next trip around the sun! Because the preceding season was hot and dry and the season we are transitioning into is cold and dry, it is the dryness that prevails. And while your mind might perceive dry skin as a minor inconvenience, your intestinal and respiratory tracts take it a bit more seriously...leading to major problems!

Mitigate dryness this month by enjoying foods that are moist, heavy, and oily and by engaging in warm, nurturing activities. More specifically, eat foods high in soluble fiber (think oatmeal) and massage your body with warm oil, such as sesame oil.

2) Honor the darkness.

Less natural light is nature’s way of encouraging us to get more sleep this season. Align yourself with the circadian rhythms, with the way God designed creation (of which we belong to!) and get in bed early enough to sleep at least 8 hours.

3) Practice more self-care.

November is a wonderful time to activate the body’s natural relaxation response. How?

  • Daily warm oil self-massage (look up abhyanga)

  • Daily sitting in silence practice (“meditation”)

  • Daily Sun Salutations (practice a traditional sequence or create your own slow flow!)

  • Click HERE for free guided meditation, deep breathing, and relaxation practices on the Ombrella website.

  • Click HERE to visit the Ombrella Facebook page where new guided practices are added weekly.

  • Join the Servants Committed to Self-Care Facebook Group HERE

4) Mindfully eat more fat & protein.

Nature’s offering to us this month is food that is high in fat and high in protein, which helps to counteract the colder temperatures taking a toll on our wellbeing. If you haven’t already, start to insulation your body from the dropping temperature by cooking with ghee and adding oil to your dishes post-cooking. Soak and eat more nuts and seeds. And if you are vegan/vegetarian focus on beans and legumes prepared with spices such as cumin, hing, and fennel.

5) Stay warm.

Yeah, DUH Michel! No but seriously, letting your body become too cold will put it into a “fight or flight” stress response thus compromising your immune system. Focus on keeping your head warm and your neck and ears protected from cold and wind.

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