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Top Tools & Tips for Holiday Travel

6 continents. Dozens of states. Lots of travel lessons learned. With Thanksgiving less than a week away read on for my top tools & tips to keep you thriving this travel season!

1. Stay hydrated. SURPRISE!

For years I was dehydrated when I traveled. And now, for years, I've been hydrated when I travel. Being intentional about hydration is my number one travel tip! It's easy to become dehydrated while traveling and in my experience that has led to headaches, poor digestion, and a general sense of discomfort...which is NOT what I ever want. Especially when traveling. Especially when traveling with two children!

Thankfully, staying hydrated is simple. Personally, I carry a thermos of warm water everywhere I go (warm water helps you maintain strong digestion). The kids, also, don't get in the car without their water bottles.

2. Travel with nourishing and grounding food.

Whether by ground or air there is not much that can make travel worse than being hungry. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE trying new foods wherever we go. But on travel days it's crucial to pack your own delicious, easy to digest, food, and not fall victim to gas station convenience stores and airport terminals.

Depending upon the season our cooler might include fresh fruit, raw or cooked veggies, kitchari, oatmeal with honey, chia & flax seeds, as well as packets of green powder to add to water or fresh juice.

3. Honor your digestion.

Smooth digestion is queen! Here's what helps me maintain a strong digestive fire while traveling:

  • Ginger tea through the day.

  • Triphala (capsule or powered herbal formula) taken before bed.

  • Calm (magnesium supplement) taken before bed.

4. Essential Oil Support.

I’m a big fan of packing my Young Living essential oils everywhere I go. I use lavender to help me sleep. Peppermint and ginger help with motion sickness and digestion. Eucalyptus and RC are great respiratory support. Tea tree for cuts or sores. My favorites though are the blends Stress Away, Peace & Calming, and Joy. There really are no words for how amazing they keep me feeling!

* Other must have items for my travel kit...

There hasn't been a single day in over a year that I haven't scraped my tongue and rubbed oil into my skin!

5. Clothing.

Comfortable clothing and footwear. Layers, shawls, and scarves!

6. Stick to a routine.

No matter where I am, I adhere to my morning and evening rituals, which help me stay rooted, relaxed, happy, and healthy. My morning ritual includes waking up early, cleaning out & nourishing my sense organs, drinking warm water, sitting in silence (meditating) and moving my body (exercising) before breakfast.

At night, I strive to be in bed before 10pm. Before that, I drink a cup of warm herbal tea and massage my feet with oil. In fact, I never go a night without a foot massage. It relieves stress and helps settle the nervous system for sleep.

7. Move your body!

A few yoga poses every day while traveling will help your body feel comfortable, healthy, and strong. Regardless of whether your travel includes lots of plane or car time, or lots of hiking, a few rounds of Sun Salutations in the morning and/or some supine poses in the evening will refresh, enliven and keep your body from getting stiff or sore.

8. Visualize Your Trip!

Take some time the week before you leave on a trip to visualize how you will travel, where you will go, who you will meet and how you will maintain your morning and evening rituals while you are away. Visualize yourself doing your rituals in your hotel room or tent. Visualize the people you will be traveling with or meeting. Catalyze the power of potentiality. What can happen? It is up to you!

Bon voyage!

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