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Food For February

Before we get into food for February let's pause to reflect on any resolutions we made a month ago. Let's pay attention to how we're doing on our personal growth path toward setting up the experience we want to be having in our bodies. My best advice with whatever body goals you have and the small steps you're taking to realize those goals is to do your best – your health and immunity will thank you! Speaking of immunity are you aware of what should be in your bowl this month that would support a strong immune system? To know, all you have to do is check in with the qualities of the current season. It's winter. It's qualities: cold and dry. So, nature blesses us with the perfect antidote. Foods that are warm and nourishing. Heavier foods that are higher in fat and higher in protein. Foods that protect us in many ways against the cold, dry qualities of this time of year. Protect us how exactly? One way is by calming our nerves! The weather in late fall and winter can take a toll on our nervous systems. This is the time of year when people are most affected by stress and anxiety. To balance that and bring our nervous systems back down nature offers the sweet, salty and sour tastes this time of year. Of the six total tastes, sweet, salty and sour serve to calm our anxious tendencies.

By sweet, I don't mean cold cheesecake. I'm talking about grains and root vegetables. The sweet quality of grains and root vegetables is calming, which helps us handle stress and get better sleep. Sour foods, like lemons, pickles and sauerkraut, strengthen our digestive fire, which is especially important to pay attention to in winter when we naturally eat heavier foods. And finally, salty. Salt warms us up! Think - salt poured on roads to make snow melt! I recommend celtic grey salt or another high quality mineral salt. So, what do you want to make happen this month? Based on that, what ONE taste/food will you more consciously incorporate into your diet in February? And how? What will you do in the next 24-hour cycle to get going on eating better this month than you did this time last year? Will you find a new recipe with sweet potatoes in it? Will you add lemon to a glass of water? Will you purchase celtic grey salt? I would love to hear WHAT it is you want, WHY you want it and the one small step (the HOW) you're going to take in the next day to get a little closer to your desired outcomes! The reason I would love to know is so that I can support you. So take a moment to get silent and still and ask your body what it wants and why. Then, push comment below or send me an email and share how you're going to step into creating the experience you want to be having in your body next.

bon appetit!

- Michel

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