July 10, 2020

Have you ever heard someone say they can't meditate?

Perhaps you have said or thought that at some point.  

I meet a lot of people who say they wish meditation was a daily habit, but it's not. If that's you, you might know the practice would be good for you, but...

Happy Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere)!  

To offer you support in having *dare I say* a happier, healthier summer season than ever before I’m going to share with you how to apply the concept of “like increases like and opposites bring balance” to you...

April 15, 2020

This story is about my journey from meeting Michel Gribble-Dates to becoming a member of the Fruitful Living community and how the Fruitful Living course has changed my life for the better, especially “Ritual 2: Early to Bed”.

In November 2017 we had a program at my chu...

February 5, 2020

After cleaning my parents’ house out when they moved to assisted living, I so wanted to have my home in order! 

I didn't want my boys to have to go through all my stuff - that I know they do not want. 

I also wanted to simplify for ME! 

I wanted to be able to come home a...

January 15, 2020

A few days ago I watched Michel Gribble-Dates’ New Years workshop from 2019 on the Ombrella YouTube channel

I was returning to work after a three-month medical leave for depression and I wanted 2020 to be more focused, more centered, more grounded.

In the workshop Mi...

December 20, 2019

One of the things I love about Fruitful Living is the concept of Kaizen.  This practice encourages you to take tiny steps toward change that will cumulate in big change with little pain and lots of gain. 

This goes against common practice where we tend to make swee...

November 27, 2019


Such an important word.  Restart lets me know that if I waiver from my path, I can come back.

With the start of a new season of the Fruitful Living course, I am restarting.

With the start of a new season of Winter, I am restarting.

With the start of a new season o...

Does your perspective of your body come from Newtonian physics or Quantum physics?

Do you understand yourself - your cells - as a meat bag or a living river of energy?

Your Body According to Newtonian physics = the world is seen and touched. Your body is flesh, blood, mu...

May 3, 2018

Has there ever been a time when you second guessed your ability to accomplish something? 

Are there specific times you start questioning if you’re worthy enough?   

You are not alone!

Last week, I was right there in the trenches with you.  I had started a new busine...

As I continue gently easing my way into detox mode it made sense to create an Agni + Ama Tip Sheet for you!

Agni translates as fire.  It's the fire in your belly.  And for optimal health it must be tended to - just like the campfire I roasted a marshmallow on a few week...

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